Stylish pet collars, tents, teepees and accessories

Katt and Hound are an online pet boutique bringing you the ultimate range of stylish pet accessories such as pet collars, bow ties, tents and teepees. Our pet collars are teamed with expert, hand-crafted design to ensure they are not only beautiful but offer exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.

And who said chic pet accessories had to break the bank? Here at Katt and Hound – shopping for your pet is not a privilege – it’s a right. We don’t believe in overpriced merch for your gorgeous four-legged friend.

Vegan and cruelty free, all of Katt and Hound’s collars are made of the highest quality materials. What’s more, we finish all collars with Liquiproof – an eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based fabric protector for ultimate longevity.

All products are designed by Katt and Hounds owner Rachel, with the help of Salem and Eartha. (Sometimes)

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